The 2012 IROC Challenge

What: A two-way swim crossing of Lake Memphremagog, which stretches from Newport, Vermont (USA) to Magog, Quebec (Canada). The swim will cover 50 miles and is expected to take between 25 and 30 hours. This will reportedly be the first time the lake has ever been swum back and forth, and will be up for consideration as a world record by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Who: The swim will be attempted by internationally recognized, marathon swimming world record holder, Ray Gandy of Coventry, RI (USA).

When: The swim is scheduled to depart on Saturday morning, July 14th at 10:00am from Newport, Vermont (USA), across the international border to Magog, Quebec (Canada) and back to the start. The day and date may change due to weather.

Governance: The swim will abide with English Channel rules. In general, a bathing suit, goggles, cap, ear and nose plugs may be used. There will be no heat retention or buoyancy-aids throughout the swim. No one may touch Ray and he may not touch the boat at any time. He has to clear the water on each shore to be recognized as a valid crossing. An official observer and log will be maintained.

Why:  As a personal challenge for Ray and as a way to help others. In this swim, the chartible organization is the Indoor Recreation Orleans County (IROC) community Center. Further details about IROC, can be found (HERE).